Where are the Aliens?

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Had this thought today while sitting contemplatively: What if a large part of the dark matter/energy that makes up 96% of our galaxy represents the end point for what intelligence is evolving to? Meaning, why would a highly evolved intelligence need to communicate with any other beings in the galaxy or universe? As I’ve grown older I recognize maturity is in large part becoming comfortable with oneself and accepting the world around one as it is. Is it not possible that we, as humans in 2015, are simply too intellectually immature in our desire to find other life forms? What would they have to gain from us other than a nuke up their yahoos as presented in just about every movie they star in. Plus given the projected energy needs of an advanced intelligence, I suspect Dyson spheres would be par the course, which besides black body radiation would be dark. I mean, while I love physics, at some point one must reach a full understanding of the universe and while perhaps not deterministically be able to predict everything, at least one could predict all possible probabilities, thereby rendering further curiosity to seek out “new” unnecessary.

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